Anonymous said: You should post more of your modeling it is amazing!

Are thank you!

Credit goes to Keith creator and genus of
It’s Only A Body

I will I want to make sure he gets the water mark and gets credit on his work!!!

He has a tumblr, twitter and Instagram go check him out!!

Tumblr :
Instagram : @itsonlyabody_
Twitter: @itsonlyabody


Anonymous said: Would you ever consider any nude modeling if it's tasteful?

Nopeeee no nudes for me. :) that’s for the man I’m with only :)

Okay now that I have socially purged

Blocked on all medias multiple people that I don’t need in my life ❤️❤️
I m sorry for everything that happened today to followers and friends

I did my dues that day….

I did my dues that day….

Anonymous said: ...obsessive bitch. You are a horrible human being. People think you are crazy. Because you ARE. I'm trying to BLOCK YOU OUT OF MY LIFE and you still follow me? I know you still follow your exes and my sister and it's CRAZY. I told you to stay. Out. Of. My. Life. You. Crazy. Bitch. Fucking leave me and my beloveds alone. Stop saying you're best friends with my friends to get closer to Leo (crazy) and pretend I don't exist. Neither if us want you in out life. Byeeee. Blocked.

1.) I do not follow you on any social media

2.) I saw her at her worked and just checked and saw how creative she is. I was very glad she’s doing so well for herself in the fact she got a jobs she’s very good at!!

3.) Never said I was besties with Leo ever…..

4.) I’ve moved on with life, but you can not expect for people not to know when cheap is all over the internet about you.

Never said anything but the truth in my posts, never called you named or cussed you out untill you called and attacked me.

I texted you back after u accused me of some crazy things and really do wish you the best. I just don’t like when I get accused of bing this horrible person when I am not. I do not agree with something you have done but that’s about it.

Anonymous said: Hey bitch. Nice that you make another obsessive post about me. And then tag me. You stupid stupid bitch. YOU made my life a living hell. It's cool that you think I'm fun, you were ALWAYS hell. I never disrespected your fam. I got out of an unhealthy friendship with a selfish person. Get it straight. Your dad let me live there for free. You did SHIT. Nothing. Nada. And you're still following me on tumblr after I asked you to STAY AWAY. Also you can stop being my bfs friend on fbook you...

I’m over this Alyssa.
This is why it looks bad on your part.

#mcm goes to this amazing not only has it been a great 11 months but he starts the Fire Academy today!!!!!!! I love you so much and I am so proud of you! 🚒❤️😘 #futurefirefighter #fireacademy

#mcm goes to this amazing not only has it been a great 11 months but he starts the Fire Academy today!!!!!!! I love you so much and I am so proud of you! 🚒❤️😘 #futurefirefighter #fireacademy



It’s fucking red.

I’ve literally waited for this video for years. i’ve been reading the gif in the wrong tone the entire time

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If we didn’t have these I’d have no idea what day it is

How to tell what day it is without school.

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Thank You, Scotland

→ Alan Cumming


Funny Stuff you like?

Anonymous said: You are dangerously attractive

Thank you! Haha 😘❤️

"Robin Williams was an airman, a doctor, a genie, a nanny, a president, a professor, a bangarang Peter Pan, and everything in between. But he was one of a kind. He arrived in our lives as an alien — but he ended up touching every element of the human spirit."

— President Obama, in a statement on Williams’ passing (via latimes)

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